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“Life is about the moment, expressing Self, developing ones’ voices, and assisting others to develop their voices” (Page 2014).

David L Page is a community-minded creative practitioner, an educator, coach and mentor. 

With 30 years experience in the arts & post-compulsory education, David has lived, studied and worked Internationally including Japan, India, Fiji, the US and NZ. His passion is community-based projects, coaching and mentoring aspiring creative practitioners. David’s Higher Education Senior Lecturer role at SAE Creative Media Institute* Brisbane, affords the opportunity to continue this passion guiding aspiring practitioners in creative practice: Audio Production, Music Production, cross-disciplinary Modules; and Graduate Projects. David has supervised in excess of one hundred (100) multi-disciplined Creative Media Graduate Projects over the past five (5) years, including a number of community-based Graduate projects such as:

  •  the 2018 United World Music Brisbane (UWMB) project which – in collaboration with Brisbane Multicultural Arts Centre (BEMAC) – recorded studio performances and filmed interviews with four Brisbane-based multi-cultural performers, culminating in a public presentation and live performance. The project was presented at a public event at the venue, the Queensland Multicultural Centre (QMC);
  • the 2017 Through The Eyes of Others project which – with sponsorship from Beyond Blue – presented a 30 minute original soundtrack composition to a visual narrative.  The visual narrative consisted of filming six Queensland male volunteers’ embodied responses to a series of questions around the theme of mental health issues. Each volunteer embraced the opportunity to be involved in this project to ‘voice’ their Subjective experience of mental health, in an effort to raise the profile of this social phenomenon. The project was presented at a public event at the venue, the Wooloongabba Sub-Station;
  • the 2017 Lacuna project which presented a 60 minute animated visual supported original ambient soundtrack – with the theme of human isolation. The project was presented at a public event at the venue, the Jugglers Art Space Inc.

David is currently progressing his Doctorate in Creative Industries (Creative Practice, in Music & Sound) [DCI] research study at QUT: “Music & Sounds which resonate within… Contemporary creative practice: music & sound-making, meaning-making and Self-making“. Focused through a Phenomenological lens, David has rigorously investigated his own creative practice as a creative writer, musician, sound engineer and producer. The study has provided rich and nuanced data in various forms: first-person narratives of his personal journey; critical reflection and reflexive practice. David’s interpretations have informed the development of a holistic three (3) dimensional model of Learning and Self-Leadership, through Creative Practice. In addition to publishing his emergent research journey in an extensive series of blogs  (www.davidlintonpage.com), David is currently developing a book narrating his journey “Music & Sounds which resonate within…“, due for release in early 2020. David recently published a chapter in the book Business Warriors Vol 1 introducing his perspective of Self-Learning and Self-Leadership, entitled “Balance and Resonance: Navigating Your Life in the current environment“.  David is presenting a paper of his doctoral journey entitled “Music & Sound-making in our Everyday Lives” at an International Conference at Nottingham University, UK in September 2019.  David is scheduled to present his DCI exegesis and creative production in December 2019. 

David and his life-partner Harsha B Patel have recently launched The Institute of Sustainable Authentic Practice (www.instisap.com). The focus of instisap.com is Learning and (Self-)Leadership, through Creative Practice. instisap.com is envisaged as an all-inclusive, sustainable learning organisation focusing on guiding and facilitating aspiring authentic practitioners on their personal learning journeys, through the development of their creativity. An integral activity of instisap.com is the charity – Saraswati Trust: Betty June Linton Page & Dhanlaxmi Patel tertiary scholarship. The charity is named to honour David’s and Harsha’s mothers, who did not enjoy the opportunity of formal tertiary studies and/or schooling, as they have both been privileged with. This benevolent activity was launched in India in March 2019 supporting the ongoing formal education of Indian women who would not otherwise have the opportunity. The focus at this time is supporting graduating students from a village high school in Gujarat State; the original home of Harsha’s grandparents. However, of the innumerable conversations which have occurred since the first ceremony in March 2019, people from a variety of countries and ethnic backgrounds have expressed their desire to become involved. Therefore, a donations page has now been established on instisap.com with all monies to go into the Saraswati Trust: Betty June Linton Page & Dhanlaxmi Patel tertiary scholarship. There is now discussion with a number of parties to develop the focus of the trust beyond the original location. Raising money publicly affords the opportunity for more high school students – female or male – to progress onto tertiary studies, who would not otherwise have the opportunity.

*SAE Creative Media Institute is the largest Creative Media education and training provider in the globe. SAE Institute is part of the Navitas Group, a publicly listed education and training provider, based in Australia.

Peace 🙂

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