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The Opportunity

The here and now always represents an opportunity – an opportunity to change, or not to change. To choose either is a choice, despite what we may tell ourselves.
As the image above highlights, life is dynamic, flowing in patterns. However unlike the image above, the patterns of life are not always as obvious to us humans. Sometimes we are too close and involved to see. We may need some distance, or an outside opinion to gain some perspective on the actuality of the situation.
In all aspects of life, irrespective of whether we are engaging in sport, in exercise, a hobby, a job, or being a family member, a lover or a friend, it is our responsibility to develop our practice – the way we engage and do things.
It is our responsibility to plan, to act, to stop, to reflect and consider, to seek outside opinion and feedback, to critically analyse our actions and the outcomes realised, to propose and to adapt, and then to continue our practice. The discipline of development via reflective and reflexive practice is not a one-off affair, but an on-going commitment to the advancement of our maturity, our wisdom, our knowledge, and our skills.
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In my life I have had the opportunity of diverse experiences across a number of industries and disciplines in a number of cultures and countries. I am very fortunate to have had such diversity of opportunities. However, at certain junctures we are presented with opportunities to reflect on our practice, our current trajectory, and change our direction.
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My current doctoral research study in the Creative Industries is an opportunity to explore a new direction, and most importantly as part of the process, stop and critically reflect on my four decades of music practice to investigate the way I engage and do things as a contemporary DIY music practitioner. Now represents an opportunity – an opportunity to develop a plan, to act, to stop, to reflect and consider, to seek outside opinion and feedback, to critically analyse my actions and the outcomes realised, to propose and to adapt, and then to continue my practice. Hopefully as a more mature, wise, knowledgeable and skilful practitioner.
This blog series is planned to continue next month with Research Practitioner Part 3. It is intended for this blog series to continue on a regular basis as I progress through my doctoral research project.
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