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September 2015 Message sent to my HE undergraduate Creative Practice students at the completion of their Trimester studies.

The Art of self-reflection

“I think the grades and comments are reflective of your personal learning and effort across this Trimester. Irrespective of your grade or overall result, I trust that everyone has an increased awareness of their Creative Arts practice, and themselves as a Creative Arts practitioner.
In my experience, learning never ceases; as long as we keep reflecting on what we are doing, analysing how we are doing it, and then considering how we can improve. And lastly of course, applying new ways back into our practice (reflexively). This process is best done not only to our practice, but perhaps most importantly, to our selves, as practitioners. We should see our selves as commanders of our own ships, in need of ongoing development and improvement.

DIY Image

Please be as proactive in your practice as you can afford the time over your break. I look forward to seeing you around the college you next Trimester”. 
Regards, Dave
What I am listening to: The Beach Boys’ “Smile”  Peace out!
DIY image courtesy of: DIY Accessed 9th September 2015
Self reflection image courtesy of: Self-reflection-for-personal-growth  Accessed 9th September 2015
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