Life is about the moment…..


at any point in time…..

Life is about the moment ….. all things fluid……. experiencing the moment… listening, observing, interacting, laughing, loving, enJOYing, soaking the moment in, digesting it, considering it, reflecting …. expressing ones’ being, streaming ones’ consciousness. While in the moment, everything appears suspended – almost in slow motion – and yet is still very much part of life and moving somewhere… Education is about learning to learn, developing and expressing … often introspectively, learning about oneself, our boundaries, beliefs, values, languaging, thoughts, & feelings ….. discovering & then developing our voices ……. who we are and how we fit into the universe… Music and audio for me is the sum of both life and education. Songwriting, composing, recording, arranging, mixing, and performing is about being in the moment ….. being fluid ……. and yet also, learning, developing and expressing Self…… discovering, & then developing ones’ voices ……(Page 2014b).
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