Take Time


Take Time

Take time to think….. It is the source of all power
Take time to read….. It is the foundation of all wisdom
Take time to play….. It is the source of perpetual youth
Take time to be aware….. It is the opportunity to help others
Take time to be quiet….. It is the opportunity to connect to the great spirit
Take time to give thanks….. It is the greatest power on earth
Take time to love and be loved….. It is what it means to be human
Take time to be friendly….. It takes you on the road to happiness
Take time to laugh….. It is music of the soul
Take time to dream….. It determines what the future could be for you
Take time to share….. It is too short a life to be selfish
Take time to work….. It is central to success
Take time to give to others….. It is the key to life
Author Unknown, con-temporised from the Old English Prayer
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