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I have engaged in education and learning practice for close to three (3) decades. I have been fortunate to have studied, facilitated and taught across eras, cultures, continents, industries and disciplines. As a result I have diverse experience, and most importantly I believe, perspective of education and learning. If you are relatively new to my self, or my professional practice including  that of my Education and Learning practice, I suggest you refer to my Educational Philosophy blog series, commencing with this one here (Page 2004).  I believe that series will assist you as the reader to situate your self into my view of the world, and more particularly, my view of education and learning practice.
Given the developmental nature of education and learning practice, I have continued to update the following blog series for it to retain its currency in general, and relative to my specific practice at any given time, such as my Higher Edcuation Creative Media practice at the current time.

Education & Learning Session Plans

In Part 3b (Page 2015) of the above mentioned Educational Philosophy blog series, I discuss my approach to education and learning session plans. However, due to the nature of that series being an introduction to my approach, I did not go into detail of any such session plans. However, I have received many requests over the years from peers to provide them examples of what I introduced in ‘Layer 8i: My approach in preparing for a learning practice session Pt 9’ of that blog:.
“The final stage in this process – once the education & learning practice session plan has been developed – is to consider the various formats such a plan may be required in” (Page 2015)
In my professional practice, I have found there to be a number of formats of Education & Learning Session Plans. This blog is the start of a series of blogs to introduce a working example of these, illustrating who their commonalities, and differences. I am hoping this will provide the reader transparent examples of each of these types of education and learning session plans, and an understanding of what context they are most useful. In my professional practice experience, a particular context or situation of practice may require an alternative form of an education and learning session plan. All are connected, and all stem from what I refer to as a detailed education and learning session plan. However, what you pass to colleagues or take with you into the actual education and learning session may differ in form quite dramatically.
Here is Education + Learning Session Plan Part 1 of a planned six (6) part series.

DLP Detailed Education & Learning Session Plan

What: This is a fully detailed education & learning session plan of what you are planning to do, including post-practice reflections.
I estimate it would take approximately 6 hours to create an education & learning session plan, and then approximately 3 hours to reflect upon that education & learning session plan post-practice. Time invested in my opinion is a not negotiable aspect of the education & learning practice process, if that novice education & learning practitioner desires to become an education industry professional education & learning practitioner.
Possible Use: This type of Education & Learning Session Plan is to be created by a novice education & learning practitioner for every lesson for the first two years of practice.
In this situation, I would expect an experienced education and learner practitioner to be mentoring the novice education and learning practitioners, discussing and scaffolding the novice education & learning practitioner in their lessons across their first two years of practice – in the planning, delivery and post-practice reflection stages of their education and learner practice.
EG: see ‘DLP Education + Learning Practice Session plan 2015.20151120.v36’ 
The next blog in this Project 1 series is E+L Session Plans Part 2.
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– David L Page 02/04/1990
– updated David L Page 20/11/2015
– updated David L Page 22/05/2016





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